Beach House - Once Twice Melody

Direction: Annapurna Kumar

Additional Animation: Kevin Eskew, Jamie Wolfe, CT Bishop

Artist: Beach House

Album: Once Twice Melody

Label: Sub Pop


Beach House - Another Go Around

Direction: Annapurna Kumar & Kevin Eskew

Artist: Beach House

Album: Once Twice Melody

Label: Sub Pop


Maral - Aziz-E-Man

AQNB Premiere

Directed by: Annapurna Kumar

Artist: Maral

Album: Push

Label: Leaving Records


Maral and Panda Bear - On Your Way

Directed by: Annapurna Kumar & Kevin Eskew

Artist: Maral and Panda Bear


Maral - 2023 Tour Visuals

Directed By: Annapurna Kumar & Jackie Turpin

Created for Maral's opening sets on Avey Tare's 7s tour.


Photo: Don Marcelo

Video: Lindsay Stovall

Maral 2012-2022

Directed By: Annapurna Kumar

<- Photo Matt Boca

Bridge to Everywhere: The Elephant King

Directed by: Annapurna Kumar

Artist: Bridge to Everywhere Ensemble

Composed by James Waterman


Cut Copy - Black Rainbows

Directed by: Annapurna Kumar

Artist: Cut Copy

Album: Free Your Mind

Label: Universal Music group

Vtape- Logo Ident

Directed by: Annapurna Kumar

Commissioned by: Vtape for Images Festival

Assistant & Contributing

Carly Rae Jepson - So Nice Tour

Directed By: Open the Portal

Lead Animation on 'I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance': Annapurna Kumar


Jamie Wolfe - King Krule - Cellular

Directed by: Jamie Wolfe

Ink & Paint Assistant, Effects: Annapurna Kumar

Artist: King Krule

Song: Cellular

Album: Man Alive!

Label: XL Recordings/Matador Records


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Maral - Setar Rock

Directed by: Annapurna Kumar, Maral, and Jackie Turpin

Artist: Maral


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DJ Mag

Angela Stempel - Renata Zeiguer - Wayside

Directed by: Angela Stempel

Painted by: Annapurna Kumar, Isabelle Aspin 

Production Assistance: Alexandra Cadena, Nick Petley, Kevin Eskew

Artist: Renata Zeiguer

Song: Wayside

Album: Old Ghost

Label: Northern Spy Records


Rahill Sun Songs Album Announcement

Editing, Animation, Effects

Alan Jennings - The Northeast Kingdom

Painting Assistant

Matt Reynolds - Hot Dog Hands

Painting Assistant

Gus Van Sant - Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot

Live-action feature film with animated segments

Animation Director: Kevin Eskew

Animation Assistants: Isabelle Aspin, Annapurna Kumar

Adult Swim Off the Air - New Now

Contributing animator

Posters & Printed

Sound Design

Brian Smee - Big Surf

Zhuoyun Chen - Only If You Could See A View Above the Clouds

Only If You Could See a View Above the Clouds

04:03, 16mm, 2022 

A ghost, a face, lucid minerals, vague landscapes... What do you see when my words fall?

To experience delayed emotions is like trying to decipher a riddle caught up in time lags. I wanted to tell that riddle visually.

Student Collaboration

An interactive downloadable gallery featuring the final projects of my Spring 2023 Motion students at UCLA.